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Inland Hydropower

LPS designs, manufactures and sells modular, low cost hydropower equipment, with an emphasis on environmentally sensitive “run-of-river” deployments.  Run-of-river techniques do away with the anachronistic idea of impounding large reservoirs of water.  They typically involve diverting portions of a stream or river into a canal or penstock, through a turbine, and then returning the flow to the waterway in real time. It may or may not require the use of small impoundments.  The approach is based on shop-built, standardized parts, many of which are made from recycled products.

Hydrokinetic Power Equipment

LPS is in the process of designing, manufacturing and selling in-current hydrokinetic power equipment. Our flagship tidal and river current power assembly, currently under development, is a flexibly deployed system focused on working efficiently on common low-velocity sites. Analogous to interchangeable, standardized solar panels, the units can be deployed in small configurations for tight waterways, or can be deployed in large energy farms.  Our design enables best-in-class power density and a very compact power absorption field. 

Site Engineering

For either coastal or inland power installations, LPS consults to developers on surveying, design and permitting issues.



Portable/Modular Wind Equipment


LPS in the process of designing, manufacturing and selling portable wind equipment, in ~50kW modular units, that are gangable and grid-connectable, or can be used on a freestanding basis.  The units include substantial battery storage to allow for a greatly flattened power delivery curve.  In addition to coastal communities and private developers, the units will be sold into the disaster relief market and are likely to have military applications as well.




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