• David Duquette

Littoral Power Systems Acquires Cook Hydro Solutions

Expands LPS technology, project and talent base

NEW BEDFORD, MA – Littoral Power Systems, Inc. (LPS) announced today the acquisition of Cook Hydro Solutions, Inc. (CHI), an Ohio-based designer, manufacturer and installer of water power equipment. LPS will add CHI’s equipment portfolio and customer base to its existing work in head-based and hydrokinetic energy systems. As part of the transaction, LPS is bringing on Ryan Cook as Chief Strategy Officer; he will also continue as President of the newly named LPS Hydro Solutions, Inc. (LHS).

“We are honored to welcome Ryan to the team. He brings decades of real-world experience and skills that will be critical as we expand and continue to reduce the time, expense, and environmental impact of harvesting renewable energy from water resources,” said David Duquette, LPS’s CEO.

The acquisition sets LPS up to take advantage of renewed interest in hydropower as a reliable and carbon-neutral electricity resource critical to the energy transition. LPS hydrostatic and hydrokinetic systems are modular, cost-effective, and rapidly deployable across a broad range of site typologies using simple construction equipment.

“As is becoming well known in the sector, the quality of Littoral’s work is absolutely first tier. It is a small team that projects excellence and punches well above its weight. I am confident that Cook Hydro Solutions’ existing customer and supply chain relationships will continue to thrive and contribute to LPS’s continued success. Cook Hydro has made great strides in building products and processes, but leveling up to make a true global impact requires a deeper bench and a strong team, which LPS clearly has. Now is the time for innovative, environmentally conscious water power systems, and I am excited to be part of the LPS team to get those built,” said Ryan Cook.

As an accomplished leader with experience in building and scaling hydropower technologies, Cook will be responsible for managing the LHS business, guiding commercialization of LPS’s innovations, and providing technical leadership for LPS’s R&D pipeline.


For more information on Littoral Power Systems, visit or call (508) 436-4100.

About LPS: Littoral Power Systems, Inc. was formed in 2015 to address the problems of cost, environmental impact, and regulatory complexity in hydropower and ocean energy. The company develops sustainable and resilient approaches to hydropower technologies to reduce the time, complexity, and expense of constructing water power infrastructure and power plants, as well as provide renewable power assets that are readily deployable in remote, non-gridconnected locations.

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