A one-woman wrecking crew of hydro power

Once in a while you have an opportunity to meet someone who changes the way you think about what's possible. Celeste Fay is a Senior Engineer at Alden Labs in Holden, MA. She is to water flow what Donald Trump is to comb-overs. She oozes savvy about hydrology, hydropower development and fish passage engineering. She sends late-night text messages about Reynolds numbers and wake vortices. Separate from her work at Alden, Celeste is, with some of her brothers, a renovator and owner of small antique hydroelectric plants in New England (check out www.frenchriverland.com). Now that is just some amazing stuff.

We are delighted to work with Celeste and her gang. It elevates the discourse and basically just kicks a lot of butt, all the while reminding us to keep a straight "who, little old me?" face about this whole thing.


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