New Lunar Arc Modulation Excision technology

One of the problems with tidal current energy, using conventional approaches, is that power can only be harvested while tidal currents are in fact running. Here at LPS, work is proceeding on the crudely conceived notion that by controlling the position of the moon in its orbit, we may be able to increase the capacity factor of deployed tidal arrays. As such, we will soon be offering to our customers a license-based participation in our Lunar Arc Modulation Excision, or LAME, technology.

LAME is effected via a modified large crane. The loadings on the device become substantial during certain portions of the moon’s cycle. As such, our engineers have realized material savings by making several modifications to the swingarm, counterweight, and pivot. In this light, the obverse trunnion brushes are equiscopically spaced, so as to allow the feeding into the pivot of a mixture of high P-value holoquitane and 59.3% alpha hydroxy, which percentage cannot be exceeded (and any attempt to do so is fraught with peril).

Surmounting a last major hurdle, we have finally arrived at a technique for measuring excessive strain on the device, since pursuant to our standing FERC permits we are required to give not less than 30 minutes’ advance notice to major urban areas of any incoming celestial bodies, which can now be effected by fax, email or SMS message.

LAME has now reached a high level of technical development. Whenever tidal waters go slack and array power development may be found wanting, the device may be employed to reduce sinusoidal depleneration. Do not hesitate to inquire about licensing the use of our LAME technology in connection with your tidal turbine installations.

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