Feet Dry in New Bedford!

In thoroughfares nigh the docks, any considerable seaport will frequently offer to view the queerest-looking nondescripts from foreign parts. Even in Broadway and Chestnut streets, Mediterranean mariners will sometimes jostle the affrighted ladies. New Bedford beats all Water Street and Wapping. In these last-mentioned haunts you see only sailors; but in New Bedford, actual cannibals stand chatting at street corners; savages outright; many of whom yet carry on their bones unholy flesh. It makes a stranger stare.

- Herman Melville, Moby-Dick

So here we are in gritty, excellent New Bedford Massachusetts. Feisty ... arguments over the best recipe for linguica can result in cars being set afire.

To the point, though, lots of facilities on the cheap, and lots of smart folks engaged in the theory and practice of marine engineering. Moreover, our good friends in Boston, at the MA Clean Energy Council and the Department of Energy Resources, no longer have to regard us as carpetbaggers.

Couldn’t ask for a more snug harbor from which to sally forth, even if there are way more than a few of those pesky PCBs on the bottom of it.

#newbedford #melville

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