Global Stability

While geopolitical discussions are constantly in the news and we at LPS certainly hope they will be successful and lead to global peace and stable relations, here at LPS when we talk about global stability we are generally talking about something else: how to keep a modular dam upright and firmly in place.

When we first envisioned a modular hydropower system, one of the engineering challenges posed had to do with keeping the modules secured in place. Using no poured-on-site concrete is a key reason the LPS modular hydropower system makes such a big impact on reducing civil works costs.

In engineering terms, global stability is the capacity of a water-impounding structure to accommodate appropriate hydrostatic and other load combinations without sliding downstream, overturning, or failing the foundation. Suffice it to say that loads get big fast.

In a 90-page engineering report, the professional engineers at GZA GeoEnvironmental assessed LPS's preliminary (50%) designs and concluded for the configuration analyzed and a normal pool depth of 25 feet that the LPS system "meets the ultimate global stability goal of meeting appropriate FERC-required Factors of Safety as described in the FERC’s ‘Engineering Guidelines for the Evaluation of Hydropower Projects’ (U.S. Federal Energy Commission, 2016).”


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