Truth is in things

“Truth is in things, not words,” said Herman Melville. Today, Jan 26th, surrounded by leviathan lore at the New Bedford Whaling Museum, the LPS team reached a milestone of truth. Professional engineers, businesspersons, managers, professors and students gathered around a double long table in the San Fransisco room with Project and Technology Officers from the U.S. Department of Energy's Water Power Program. The LPS modular hydropower system reached its 50% design threshold. This new approach aims to enable development of ecological low head or run-of-river hydroelectric power by making such installations cost effective. Cost models developed by experts at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory with input from the team’s professional engineers indicate the prefabricated, standardized, modular approach to building a small hydropower installation may cut the civil works costs in half resulting in an installation 15-20% less expensive than traditional approaches. With continued progress, the LPS modular hydropower system could open up a way to develop power at some of the untapped 3 million miles of new stream reaches or 80,000 non-powered dams in an environmentally friendly way.

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